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70.3 Staffordshire: Hole in a Tire

After a short break after Galveston 70.3, it was back to work prepping for Staffordshire 70.3 and possibly IMUK, depending when our son decided to make his debut to this world. I had a great block of training after a foot/shoe issue in Galveston. I was hungry coming into Staffordshire, but I knew it was going to be a tough race. I was pretty fit and was excited to see how I could do against the field that was lined up at Staffordshire.

Well the day ended shortly with a sidewall blew out at 40k, and after about 6mins I repaired it with a GU Chomps Wrapper and got back on the road. Up until that point I was going pretty good and making my way through the field. But after losing the 6 minutes to fix the tire/flat, I just rode hard and wanted to see what could happen, since the race was pretty much over. I ended up 12th on the day, disappointed, but completely out of my control. So it was back to work to focus on either IMUK or Challenge Iceland Half, depending on when the kiddo decides to arrive.

Swim- 27:33

Bike- 2:27:01

Run- 1:24:55

Total- 4:24:11


Signing in at race check in with my new J-Flo Designs Polo on.

Always great to have Hila at the finish line to make things better on the rough days.

This face pretty much sums up the race day.

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