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Challenge Iceland: #RaceLikeAViking

Trying to change things up and start doing more race videos rather than race reports, but this race was so amazing that I wanted to also put some words down about it. Simply stated, this is a MUST DO event, so add it to your BUCKET LIST! I say this with paying my own way to the race, and receiving nothing more than a home stay, which was awesome as well. I add this to one of the most scenic and beautiful courses, right there with Challenge Wanaka, so Iceland gets my vote for Northern Hemisphere scenic course and Challenge Wanaka already holds that award.

I was deciding between this race and IMUK, but due to my sons birth on 7 July, it was a little too close for IMUK, so I opted to fly out to Iceland for a short 50 hour in total trip to Iceland. Flew out on a 6am flight on Friday morning and arrived to Iceland by 8. Back out on Sunday morning on a 10am flight and that meant the least amount of time possible away from the family. Really happy with how the race went and looking forward to lining up at the Asia Pacific Champs in the Philippines on 7 August directly followed by 70.3 Chungju Korea on 14 August.

Swim- 28:27

Bike- 2:17:26 (2nd fastest), Personal Best power for over 2 hours.

Run- 1:22:21

Total- 4:11:01 / 6th Pro

And since I always get asked here is what I used for race nutrition:


Night Before:

Salmon, Pasta, and Sweet Potatoes at Pre-Race Meal by Challenge Iceland

Also, one packet of the *new* 1500 Precision Hydration before bed/throughout the night.

Race Morning:

2x Packets of Instant Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon (not Quaker this time, Icelandic version)

1x Banana

1L of Water w/ 2x tablets of Precision Hydration 1000

1x 4hr MAX FireStar Energy (180mg of Caffeine)


Swim- Nothing

Bike- 1L of water w/ 2x tablets of Precision Hydration 1000

1x 21oz bottle w/ 3x scoops of Hammer Perpetum Latte

1x packet of GU Chomps

Run- Water at aid stations and a few small cups of coke

1x 4hr MAX FireStar Energy (180mg of Caffeine)

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