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2017 Training #'s

Same story, different year. Way behind on the blog, but feel like keeping with tradition so here you go. Going to skip the "Year in Pictures" post for this year, if you want to see images of 2017, check out my Instagram @BW_TRI. So lets dive into what 2017 looked like from the training side of things.

So here we go...................

2017 by the Numbers (from 1/2/17 - 12/31/17 to keep it Monday - Sunday)

Swim: 667,413 meters / 195 hours- AVG 12,800 meters/wk (-45km from 2016)

Bike: 6,684 miles / 337.5 hours- AVG- 129 miles/wk (-74 mi from 2016)

Run: 1,695 miles / 219.5 hours- AVG-32.6 miles/wk (+216 mi from 2016)

Commuter Miles: 457 miles

Total: 8,759 miles / 752 hours / 14.75hrs/wk

Raced: 8x 70.3's, 1 Duathlon, & 1 Half Marathon

Placings: 3 Top 5s , 7 Top 10's

Flight Stats: 37 Flights, 111,986 Flight Miles

Random Stats:

- 5,700 meters: Longest Swim

- 4.5hrs / 87 miles: Longest Ride

- 2.5hrs / 18 miles: Longest Run

- 44 Days Off of Training,

- Longest Streak of Consecutive Training days: 45

- 15 Countries Visited (big year due to a cruise up through the baltics)

Some Thoughts:

Why was the overall training volume down? A lot of travel and racing overseas was part of the reason, and then welcoming our second child into the family in late November also created some much needed down time.

Why so many off days this year? I was pretty drained come November and took 3 weeks of doing absolutely nothing. I am a firm believer in taking breaks at the end of the season, and this one was timed with the arrival of our daughter, so it was needed mentally, as well as for dedicated family time.

Finding Balance with the racing..... Pretty happy with the race selection for this year. Although some races were not ideal they were much needed races to set me up for a better racing schedule and lower expenses moving forward. So although I could have made some wiser decisions, those races will end up paying bigger dividends for 2018 and beyond.

Overall Thoughts? Looking back I feel like 2017 was the year of "one step back" in the saying of "two steps forward, one step back". Using what I learned in 2015 and 2016, along with 2017 has set me up for what should be a successful 2018. We are in the process of sorting out a better child care situation for while we are in the UK and finding something that works with both of our work schedules and travel schedules. This should alleviate some of the stress while we are in the UK, and hopefully help out while we are traveling as well. 2018 started with a big training block in San Diego, which is something I missed in 2017, so looking forward to seeing those gains pay off when the time to race comes.

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