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2018 Training #'s

Same story, different year. Way behind on the blog, but feel like keeping with tradition so here you go. Going to skip the "Year in Pictures" post for this year, if you want to see images of 2018, check out my Instagram @BW_TRI. So let's dive into what 2018 looked like from the training side of things.

So here we go...................

2018 by the Numbers (from 1/1/18 - 12/30/18 to keep it Monday - Sunday)

Swim: 555,632 meters / 165 hours- AVG 10,685 meters/wk (-112km from 2017)

Bike: 5,729 miles / 325.5 hours- AVG- 110 miles/wk (-955 mi from 2017)

Run: 1,225 miles / 165 hours- AVG-23.6 miles/wk (-470 mi from 2017)

Total: 7,299 miles / 655.5 hours / 12.75hrs/wk

Commute Miles: 364 miles / 27 hours

Raced: 2x 70.3's (1 DNS & 1 DNF)

Placings: ????

Flight Stats: 32 Flights, 70,590 Flight Miles

Random Stats:

- 6,100 meters: Longest Swim

- 7hrs (116 miles) : Longest Ride by duration & distance

- 2hrs (15.8 miles): Longest Run by duration & distance

- 70 Days Off of Training

- Longest Streak of Consecutive Training days: 91 Days (Food poisoning ended the streak)

- 9 Countries Visited (big year due to a cruise up through the baltics)

Some Thoughts:

Why was the overall training volume down? Quite simple, getting hit by a car and breaking your clavicle and radial head takes you out of training for ~10 weeks.

Overall Thoughts? There was some really good training going on, with quite a bit of consistency. I caught a bit of bad luck early in the season with food poisoning and then a bit too much travel when heading to Vietnam, getting on the start line completely exhausted. Things were headed back in the right direction and then WHAM that damn car hit me and there the season went.

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