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Chilly Duathlon

Some drone footage and then a lap around the course with race stats and telemetry.

So, #BABYW2 has decided to spend some extra time in the womb, which left me pulling out of 70.3 Bahrain, which is to take place on the 25th of November. With that decision being made, I had found a local Duathlon to take part in. It was close enough to home, and the weather was too good to pass up.

This race also served as the British University Duathlon Champs, but they had a separate wave and race all together. But man was that a fast race, if I had raced in that field I would have been 27th on the day. Doesn't help when the duration of the bike was shorter than the duration of the combined runs.

Run#1-2mi- 10:45 / 8th / Strava

Bike-9.3mi- 20:53 / 1st / Strava

Run#2-2mi- 10:59 / 7th / Strava

Total: 44:08 / 2nd in Open Category / Results

Full Race Video around the course

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